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Navratri Inspirational Quotes 2020

Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Durga, the victory of Good over Evil.Navratri celebrates till 9 days and long celebrting festival.Navratri is most important festival in the Hindu Religious and during the nine days during which different avatars of the goddess are worshipped. Celebrate the navratri with nine colours. Important of nine colors for navratri describe here.

Navratri Celebration

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Momentous of Navratri Colors

1st day of nvaratri start with yellow color. Color epitomize for brightness, happiness, and cheer.

2nd day of navratri with green color. Green color exemplify growth, nature, and energy.

Celebrating 3rd day navratri with gray color. Gray color indicate strength of transforming.

Enjoying the 4th day navratri with orange color. Orange color mirror of positive energy.

Playing garaba on 5th day with blue color. Blue color personify of richness.

6th day of festive with white color. White color for peace and purity.

7th day carnival with pink color. Pink color for hope and freshness.

8th day merriment with red color. Red color for beauty and fearlessness.

End of the navratri festival on 9th day with purple color and color signify for power of intellect.

Why Navratri is Celebrated with Nine Colors

Navaratri is a Hindu festival that spans nine nights with nine colors and is celebrated every year in the autumn. It is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian cultural sphere. Theoretically, there are four seasonal Navaratri. However, in practice, it is the post-monsoon autumn festival called Sharada Navaratri that is the most observed in the honor of the divine feminine Devi (Durga). The festival is celebrated in the bright half of the Hindu calendar month Ashvin, which typically falls in the Gregorian months of September and October.

Celebrations with nine colors include stage decorations, recital of the legend, enacting of the story, and chanting of the scriptures of Hinduism. The nine days are also a major crop season cultural event, such as competitive design and staging of pandals, a family visit to these pandals and the public celebration of classical and folk dances of Hindu culture. On the final day, called the Vijayadashami or Dussehra, the statues are either immersed in a water body such as river and ocean, or alternatively the statue symbolizing the evil is burnt with fireworks marking evil's destruction. The festival also starts the preparation for one of the most important and widely celebrated holidays, Diwali, the festival of lights, which is celebrated twenty days after the Vijayadashami or Dussehra or Dashain.

Nine Goddess of Navratri

Nine Goddess of Navratri are nine manifestations of the goddess Durga in Hinduism, especially worshipped during the festival of Navratri where each of the nine manifested forms are venerated respectively for each night.

Goddess Durga, the Primordial Goddess has innumerable manifestations, of which the one who is the conquerer of the most difficult obstacles and all that is Durgam(difficult) is Durga. Durga’s emergence is from Parvati, Shiva's consort. Of the various forms of Devi and Parvati alike, a group of nine are attributed the designate Navadurga.

During Navaratri, the nine days are sanctified in honour of these nine manifestations of the goddess, one day for each goddess

The nine forms of Goddess Durg :

  • Shailaputri
  • Brahmacharini
  • Chandraghanta
  • Kushmanda
  • Skandamata
  • Katyayani
  • Kaalratri
  • Mahagauri
  • Siddhidhatri

Navratri Date 2020

This year the Navratri begins on Saturday, 17 October and ends on Sunday, 25 October.

Navratri Wishes

  • Those empty spaces were my silent prayers, asking maa durga to guide & protect. You always in whatever you do & wherever you are! Happy Navratri Colours for Navratri
  • Fortunate is the one who has learned to admire, but not to enoug..Good wishes for a joyous Durga Puja, With a plenty of peace and prosperity.. Happy NavratriColours for Navratri
  • May dis durga puja you all get the happiness you had longed for times. Happy NavaratriColours for Navratri
  • May her blessings remove all obstacles from your path of life as she removes the darkness from the universe.. Happy NavratriColours for Navratri
  • May the blessings of Goddess durga Shine on you and all your prayers be granted on this durga puja. Happy NavratriColours for Navratri
  • May goddess durga bless you like she blessed lord rama to fight the evil, like he fought ravana. Happy NavratriColours for Navratri
  • May the greate goddess maa durga provide you with the strength, wisdom, and courage to overcome all obstacles in life. Happy NavratriColours for Navratri
  • Let us pray that this navratri, maa durga bestows upon you and your family, all nine forms of her blessing. Happy NavratriColours for Navratri
  • As we workship the great goddess maa durga, may we channel some of her powerful peaceful every into ourselves and become closer to her. Happy NavratriColours for Navratri
  • Happy navratri to all my friends and familiesColours for Navratri
  • Happy corona navaratri to all my friends.Colours for Navratri
  • May the nine days and nine nights of navaratri bring your good health and fortune. Wishing you a very Happy Navratri.Colours for Navratri
  • May maa durga bestow you and your family with 9 forms of blessings fame, name, wealth, prosperity, happiness, education, health, power and commitment. Happy NavratriColours for Navratri
  • Wishing you the energy of maa durga, the poise of maa saraswati, wishing you a warm and blessed navratri.
  • Thousands of dreams for a destination, A small hurdle may bring interruption. Keep faith on maa durga. Ultimately she is Durgati nashini. Happy Navratri Colours for Navratri

Navratri Images

  • Colours for Navratri
  • Colours for Navratri
  • Colours for Navratri
  • Colours for Navratri
  • Colours for Navratri
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  • Colours for Navratri

Navratri Near Me

Using google map, you can find the garba , navaratri party plot which are located near by your area.